We have a vast range of beers, ales, ciders and wines, all of them organic and many vegan-friendly. Our fridges are stocked with a number of high quality bottles of craft beer and the like, while the taps play host to a number of local ales. These are ever-changing, but we strive to offer vast variety of breweries and beer types, previously featured Nottingham’s Black Iris Brewery and the award-winning Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel. Come by and try a (very) local ale!



Local beers fresh from the Angel’s Microbrewery

All of our beers are unfined and unfiltered, leaving them naturally hazy. Many breweries fine their beers using Isinglass, a product derived from the swim bladders of fish. While this does result in a crystal-clear pint, it can also strip some of the flavour from the beer. We prefer to avoid using Isinglass, retaining the full flavour of the beer, while also keeping them suitable for our vegan customers. It’s a win-win!

We also add an enzyme called Clarex while fermenting. This significantly reduces the gluten content of our beers, typically bringing them below the 20 ppm threshold to be considered ‘gluten-free’. While we do not have our beers analysed to confirm their gluten-free status, they should be ‘as good as’ gluten-free.

The Pale Angel 4.2%

Our first beer is a pale ale, brewed with American Cascade and Chinook hops for a light, citrus flavour and a pleasingly bitter finish.

Yippee-Aye-Ay IPA 5.4%

An American IPA packed with Centennial hops to give a big, citrus flavour which is balanced by a smooth, malty sweetness.

Minstrel Pale 4.2%

A light, easy drinking pale ale brewed with British Minstrel hops. These impart flavours of spiced berries and orange citrus.

Calypso IPA 5.2%

An IPA brewed with Calypso hops from the US, giving flavours of apple, pear and stone fruits, brightened with hints of lime.

Hung, Drawn and Portered 5.2%

A rich, full-bodied porter packed with malty chocolatey flavour.

Brownn 4.2%

A traditional English bitter – dark and malty with a crisp, bitter finish.